TG Theater Group - Actors Workshop
Tom Grail, Artistic Director
PURPOSE:  Guide and inspire the performer to their own unique quality of artistic personal expression.
Professional Actors Workshop

Reviews Workshop

AIMS: Creating a space for discovery; a system for experiencing individual expression, innovation, expansion, creation, confidence, freedom.


Build a Reputation for Being Enthusiastic, Dependable, Punctual and Prepared.


Tom Grail
40 years of experience in the industry
Acting - Coaching - Casting - Directing

TG Professional Workshop This workshop offers an opportunity to work on the celebration of expressing all human emotions and behavior in a creative, artistic form within a peer group of professionally oriented, career minded and skilled actors; to view and evaluate work, and to exchange information, support and knowledge.

Each Workshop session time is 3 hours, which is held once a week for 4 weeks on an ongoing monthly basis. The maximum in a month is 12 members.

There is a free audit to view the workshop. You may request to do so by email, if available send picture and resume along with your request. No one is admitted to the workshop without first attending an audit.

At the audit you will be asked to fill out a sheet containing three to five areas in acting that at this time you desire to improve should you become a member.

Along with your personal desires, the workshop consists of:
  • Building Confidence, Absolute Confidence and Projecting It
  • An Audition that Shows You off as an Interesting and Skilled Actor
  • Developing Monologues
  • Reading for Stage and Film Work
  • Quick Scene and Memory work
  • Self Presentation at audits and interviews
  • Quick memory, Improvising (which also includes having to create an improvisation from a script, you may have read at an audition)
  • The Skills of Taking Direction and Adjustments Quickly

Guest Directors will come in at times and direct members in scenes, and view the work in general.

Work on scenes, monologues, improvisation, auditions,  interviews and the business side of a career, and all aspects of craft development.



PRESSURE to live up to institutional standards is in itself UNCREATIVE.
To free the emotions in artistic creative form is to experience an almost overwhelming sense of self.